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Black Tree Pro


Black Tree AutoML (Pro) for MacOS 10.10 or later is humanity’s fastest deep learning software.


Humanity’s Fastest Deep Learning Software

Black Tree AutoML (Pro) for MacOS 10.10 or later is humanity’s fastest deep learning software. The professional version comes with a commercial license for one user, for life, on one machine, and includes data and image classification (greyscale only).

Black Tree Pro Algorithms

Black Tree AutoML (Pro) includes the following algorithms: Nearest Neighbor Classification, Delta Classification, Supervised Delta Classification, Delta Modal Classification, and Image Classification (which uses Supervised Delta Classification).

Black Tree AutoML (Pro) includes the following algorithm options: Normalize Dataset, Missing Classifiers (i.e., data classifiers are unavailable), No Testing File (i.e., training file only),  Small Cluster Radius (generates smaller clusters for greater accuracy), Random Testing Dataset (generates a Testing Dataset using random rows from the Training Dataset).

Confidence is binary, and predictions flagged as likely errors are rejected ex ante. Accuracy is therefore given by 1 – No. Errors/(No. Rows – No. Rejections). Rejected rows are printed to an output file so that the user can conduct further analysis.


Simply download the application file, open it, and this causes source code files to be downloaded to the following directory:


This will create some modest delay, only the first time the application is run. Note that because of Mac security settings, you must right-click the application file the first time you open it, and select “Open”, which will cause a security prompt to appear notifying you that you downloaded the application from the Internet, and that you’d like to open it anyway.

Then, open Octave, which you can download for free, and type the following into the command line, and press Enter:



This completes the installation of Black Tree.

Legal Notices

Black Tree AutoML (Pro) comes with no warranty whatsoever, and is not a substitute for the advice of professionals, including but not limited to medical and financial professionals.

The Black Tree AutoML (Pro) license is for one user, on one machine, and so the software cannot be copied, without deleting the original. Further, the license does NOT give you the user the right to copy, republish, or modify the underlying source code.

By purchasing Black Tree AutoML (Pro) you agree to the terms above.



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