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Black Tree AutoML

Humanity’s Fastest Deep Learning Software

Data Classification

Black Tree brings the power of parallel computing, together with data compression, to ordinary personal computers, producing runtimes that are simply incomparable to other Deep Learning techniques. For a high-level academic summary of the underlying algorithms, see “Vectorized Deep Learning“.

The results below were generated using Black Tree’s “Supervised Delta Classification” algorithm. This algorithm is included in the Free Version of Black Tree, so you can download the datasets below and see for yourself, that there is simply no contest between Black Tree and other Deep Learning techniques. Black Tree Massive includes a mathematically identical version of Supervised Delta Classification that makes better use of memory, and so accuracy is the same, despite superior runtimes. As a general matter, Black Tree Massive is typically significantly faster than Black Tree Pro, and some algorithms are several orders of magnitude faster. Datasets listed below were broken into random training / testing subsets, so accuracies can vary. All runtimes are in seconds, running on an iMac 3.2 GHz Core i5.

There is very little professional data online about the actual runtimes of Neural Networks (as opposed to their theoretical complexities), but all available data suggests that even running on GPUs and other truly parallel architectures, classifying even the smaller datasets below could take hours. This is consistent with a refereed article published by Elsevier, “Complexity Analysis of Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network Embedded into a Wireless Sensor Network“, that lists runtimes for some of the datasets below, including the UCI Iris Dataset, which a Neural Network took well over one hour to solve. This is simply not practical for certain business settings, where fast and reliable answers are required. The Free Version of Black Tree solves this classification task automatically (i.e., without a specialized model, using a single generalized algorithm) in 0.237 seconds, with 95.65% accuracy.

DatasetClassification AccuracyTotal Runtime (Pro)Total Runtime (Massive)
UCI Credit
25,500 Training Rows
4,500 Testing Rows
83.33%1,467 seconds223.7 seconds
UCI Ionosphere
298 Training Rows
53 Testing Rows
94.11%0.755 seconds0.201 seconds
UCI Iris
127 Training Rows
23 Testing Rows
95.65%0.237 seconds0.086 seconds
UCI Parksinsons
165 Training Rows
30 Testing Rows
90.90%0.379 seconds0.083 seconds
UCI Sonar
176 Training Rows
32 Testing Rows
95.65%0.513 seconds0.108 seconds
UCI Wine
151 Training Rows
27 Testing Rows
96.70%0.310 seconds0.082 seconds

Image Classification

Black Tree’s image compression algorithms allow Image Classification tasks, including medical imaging classification, to be accomplished in roughly the same amount of time as Data Classification tasks, again producing simply unparalleled runtimes. Black Tree Pro and Black Tree Massive use the exact same image processing and classification algorithms. The Free Version of Black Tree includes the exact same algorithms, with a hard limit of 2,500 images.

The image on the left is a brain MRI (courtesy of Kaggle) that was compressed in .00191 seconds into the super-pixel image in the center, part of a process that classified 282 Testing Images over 1,597 Training Images (specifically, tumor classification) in 50.44 seconds (running on a MacBook Air), with 100% accuracy, using Black Tree Pro. The image on the right is automatically generated by all versions of Black Tree (including the Free Version), that shows the distribution of values by dimension for the largest cluster in the dataset, which is intended to provide a visual intuition for the distribution of values in the dataset. Accuracies and runtimes for the MNIST Numerical and MNIST Fashion Datasets are 99.95% and 286.09 seconds (5,000 Training Rows and 5,000 Testing Rows), and 92.85% and 15.90 seconds (1,000 Training Rows and 1,000 Testing Rows), respectively.

Demo of Black Tree Massive. For a detailed description of Black Tree, see the Black Tree Help Page.

Black Tree Runs in a GUI

The front-end for Black Tree runs in an easy-to-use interface, reducing Deep Learning to a task that can be accomplished by an admin or assistant, thereby allowing for radical reductions to costs and headcount associated with Deep Learning. For the same reasons, Black Tree allows firms and individuals to spend a small sum of money (see pricing below) to test the question of whether investing in Deep Learning is worthwhile. For some users, this question can likely be answered by the Free Version of Black Tree.

The GUI for the Free Version of Black Tree.

Download Black Tree

Download the Free Version of Black Tree, which includes (i) data classification and clustering, and (ii) image classification (grayscale only), up to exactly 2,500 rows / images (non-commercial license), or select from the commercial licenses below.

NOTICE: All sales are final, no refunds available. For technical support, see Contact Information.

Black Tree Pro $4,999

Black Tree Pro turns an ordinary PC into a tool that allows anyone to engage in world-class Deep Learning, in an easy-to-use GUI.

  • A lifetime commercial license for one user.
  • Data classification and clustering.
  • Image classification and clustering (grayscale only).
  • Runs up to around 25,000 rows / images, in polynomial time.

Black Tree Massive $9,999

Black Tree Massive turns an ordinary PC into a tool that allows anyone to engage in Deep Learning that has no equal, in an easy-to-use GUI.

  • A lifetime commercial license for one user.
  • All of the algorithms included in Black Tree Pro.
  • A significantly faster Supervised Delta Classification algorithm.
  • A significantly faster normalization algorithm.
  • Massive Algorithms that can classify and cluster up to around 500,000 rows, in polynomial time.
  • Confidence metrics that allow for even more precise classification.

Black Tree Osmium $99,999 (Coming Soon)

Black Tree Osmium includes the full suite of Black Tree Algorithms, turning an ordinary PC into a tool that can at times outperform enterprise computers.

  • A lifetime commercial license for one user.
  • Preprocessing, compression, analysis, and anomaly detection algorithms that can be applied to data, image, video, and 3D and higher dimensional data and video (i.e., high-dimensional time-series).
  • Image and video classification algorithms.
  • 3D object detection, tracking, and classification algorithms that run in real-time.
  • Osmium Algorithms that can classify up to around 100,000,000 vectors as a time-series, in polynomial time.
  • Algorithms that can detect periodicity and stable average values in time-series data, in polynomial time.
  • Universal N-dimensional constraint optimization.
  • mtDNA genetics classification and analysis that can predict ethnicity with approximately 80% accuracy.

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